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• Net Neutrality

Update: On Feb 26 the FCC voted 3-2 to regulate the Internet as a public utility. The full impact is not yet known, and there will be legal and possibly Congressional challenges. At this point we anticipate no immediate changes that would affect our service or our customers.

• America’s Internet Traffic Hogs
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OCS OfficeScan. The OCS central scanning system blocks email viruses for our subscribers very effectively. But what about the many other ways your computer can be attacked?

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Wireless Security. Central firewall protection can be activated in UserAdmin.
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VOIP based phone systems use the Internet rather than traditional phone lines.
  OCS blocks spam and viruses by the millions every month, click for statistics and more info.
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Superior OCS Email service is available no matter what ISP provides your Internet connection.
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Security Consulting. The OCS network has been attacked but never successfully compromised. Contact us for more information about comprehensive Internet security solutions.

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