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About Us

OACYS TECHNOLOGY is an "oasis" of quality Internet services, founded in 1982 as Olson Computer Services (OCS) to develop computer solutions.

When OCS was founded the IBM PC had not been invented, and Microsoft was barely a startup. The Apple II was the latest, and it had no mouse. Osborne and Kaypro, now long gone, were market leaders. The concept of a network for small businesses was unheard of, much less in the home. Graphical interfaces like Windows and the Macintosh were still years away.

OCS blazed the trail through all of these developments for our clients, and in 1995 Рwhen the nearest Internet connection was a 300-mile toll call РOCS pioneered the community’s first local Internet service.

The OACYS method is to develop self-reliant solutions with minimal external dependencies, thereby eliminating "pass the buck" frustrations and increasing quality-of-service performance and reliability for our clients. In providing a full range of services, OACYS is therefore a one-stop solution center and a virtual oasis in the increasingly important technology industry.

The primary OACYS Network Operations Center is located at the company headquarters in Porterville, California. OACYS is a privately-held corporation, still locally-owned and operated by the original company founders and a dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced IT professionals.